Year of the 3 Kings' Commemorative Strike Set

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  • The year, that changed British history
  • A unique complete set, minted in precious gold
  • Four stunning portraits of the three Windsor kings of 1936

Item desciption
1936 was a very special year in British history – and without the events of that year, Elizabeth II would not be our Queen today.

On the 20th of January 1936, King George V died. His eldest son Edward ascended to the throne and became King Edward VIII. Edward was the uncle of Elizabeth, who was just 10 years old at that time. He was, however, in love with an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, whom he planned to marry, so he chose to abdicate just eleven months into his reign, romantically proclaiming that it was impossible to carry out his duties 'without the help and support of the woman I love …'. He remains the only British monarch to voluntarily abdicate the throne. Upon his abdication in December 1936, Edward's younger brother 'Bertie' – Elizabeth’s father – unexpectedly became King GeorgeVI. This remarkable turn of events meant that suddenly young Princess Elizabeth was now first in line to the throne, she was set to become our future Queen, changing the course of British history.

Now, in the year of the 100th anniversary of the House of Windsor – founded by George V in 1917 – these masterfully crafted strikes, minted in solid 14-carat gold, have been issued to celebrate the three British kings of 1936 and their extraordinary story. This set is only available in a strictly limited low edition of just 9,999 complete sets worldwide and an extraordinary document of a momentous year in British royal history.
Limitation 9999 complete collections Metal Gold
Weight 0,5 g First Issued 2017
Size Diameter: 11 mm Quality Proof
Country Great Britain First Issued after 2016
Reverse Year of the Three Kings Obverse George V
Feinheit .585 gold   

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