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'£5 Polymer Banknote Winston Churchill' Commemorative Strike

  • Englands new 5 polymer banknote
  • New release, highly sought-after by collectors
  • The first ever polymer banknote
£ 9.95

'British Banknotes' Golden Bars Set

  • Britain’s most significant banknote characters
  • Fully layered with 24-carat gold
  • Exclusive golden bars in 30 mm x 70 mm format
£ 149.50

The 'Million Dollar Collection' Complete Set

  • A tribute to the most expensive gold coins ever
  • Plated in 24-carat gold
  • the 30x70 mm format guarantees giant details
£ 199.50

'The Coronation Portrait' Gold Commemorative Strike

  • Featuring the coronation portrait of Her Majesty The Queen
  • Solid 14-carat gold
  • A highly collectable record of a once-in-a-lifetime royal event
£ 24.95

'Rule Britannia' Commemorative Strike

  • A grand ode in honour of Great Britain
  • Preciously plated in 24-carat gold with colour detailing
  • Commemorating our most beloved British anthem
£ 6.95

‘One Million Pound Banknote’ Commemorative Strike

  • Featuring on a truly special strike
  • Plated in purest silver (999/1,000)
  • The legendary 'Giant' in exquisite detail
£ 14.95

'The Royal Kiss' Commemorative Strike

  • The announced birth of the new Royal Baby!
  • The third child of William & Kate is on its way
  • Plated in 24 carat gold
£ 4.95

'100th Anniversary House of Windsor' four-coin gold set

  • Four official commemorative coins
  • Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the House of Windsor
  • Issued by the Solomon Islands
£ 447.00

Windsor Mint® – exclusive coins and commemoratives for collectors

Windsor Mint® and our sister companies in Europe have been trusted partners of millions of collectors worldwide for more than 30 years. In our online shop you will find sought-after coins, medals and commemorative strikes at fair prices – historic sovereigns and Royal commemorative strikes, coins and commemoratives covering British history and commemorating world events and personalities.

We are proud to regularly give our collectors access to exclusive coin and commemorative editions with new ideas and outstanding coin motifs and we help our customers to permanently increase their coin collections by new interesting issues. All items from our shop are delivered with a certificate, which guarantees for the authenticity, the quality and the strict limitation of the edition.

Know-How about collecting coins, medals and commemorative strikes

Royal Commemorative Strikes

Not only British collectors, but also millions of collectors all over the world follow the British Royal Family and are collecting the attractive editions issued to celebrate special anniversaries and milestones. Since the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, only the second Diamond Jubilee ever in the history of British Monarchy, the number of collectors has increased significantly.

Whether you are interested in the history of the Kings and Queens of our country and want to build a everlasting documentation of the fascinating story of monarchy in Great Britain, or you want to own a souvenir of once-in-a-lifetime events like the Diamond Jubilee or the Royal wedding of William and Kate or of outstanding personalities like Princess Diana, at Windsor Mint® you will find the commemoratives and coins in all price ranges and specifications to build up a stunning collection for yourself and your family.

Gold and silver coins: always a wise choice

Gold and silver has been fascinating mankind at all times. The precious metals are popular as significant and secure investment and stand for safety in times of crisis. The Windsor Mint® shop presents the most popular gold coins and silver coins and exclusive strikes in gold and silver, highly sought-after by collectors. Windsor Mint® offers you coin rarities, historic and antique originals and true to original replica and re-strikes in highest minting quality.

The most popular coin collections – British and international commemorative strikes

In our wide offer of British coins and commemoratives we have listed the most popular collection themes at present and you will find, in commemoration of the upcoming big anniversaries, the most important issues from World War I and World War II. Collectors interested in Military, British Coinage or British Historic Releases will find a wide variety of coins and commemoratives to enhance their collections. Some of these precious editions are exclusive to Windsor Mint® and cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world.

We help you to acquire sensational new strikes or sought-after antique issues for your precious coin collection. Within the theme ‘International’ for example you will find popular issues from the USA, Canada and Europe, commemorating famous personalities, buildings and significant historic and numismatic events.

In ‚Themes‘ you will find the most popular areas of collecting – Christianity, Sports and Aviation are just three of the fascinating topics that make collectors’ hearts beat faster. Since the era of John Paul II as the head of the Catholic Church and his recent beatification the theme of the Popes of the 20th century has seen an immense growth in collectors. Sports has always attracted coin collectors and remains one of the most attractive themes.

At we offer you the most popular coin editions from a wide variety of collection themes. If you have not started yet to collect coins: Discover your passion for the fascinating and ever new coin collecting. We will support you with all our heart! You will soon be able to discover that coin collecting is an exciting hobby which takes you through times and history and enables you to build a treasure you will be envied for.

Coins as contemporary witnesses

Coins – mostly round, two-sided pieces of metal – have been used by mankind for a long time as means of payment or, in more modern terms, currency. Today only the government of a country has the right to mint coins and to bring them into circulation.

The passion of collectors for the coin as a collector’s item has given the coin a new, additional value. Coin collectors have accumulated valuable and attractive collections, over years and decades. Thank to coin collectors we have been able to understand the history of coins – their collections being documentations of numismatic history. When a coin is very rare, it’s value can increase, no matter what material it has been struck from, and its value can continue to increase. This is why coin collecting is not only seen as a Hobby, but also as investment.