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Special Offer of exquisite jewellery and exceptional brand name watches

Do you have a penchant for the truly spectacular? At Windsor Mint® you will find beautiful jewellery and wonderful watches from renowned brands for both ladies and gentlemen. Throughout the whole world, our jewellery experts are constantly searching for special pieces of jewellery, from many diverse themes. Masterfully crafted, this high quality jewellery collection has a timeless elegance that is suitable for any occasion.

Majestic Jewellery that is a joy to behold

Schmuckstücke von besonderer Eleganz und majestätischer SchönheitDid you ever wish to feel like a princess? With the ‘Lady Diana’ classic pearls, her favourite, you too can emulate her elegance and majestic aura. These impressive pieces of glamorous jewellery will make you look and feel fantastic. Our beautiful ‘Special Collections’ jewellery captures the unique flair of royals, celebrities and unforgettable icons. If you are looking for something truly spectacular or you want to accentuate your femininity, this jewellery of the rich and beautiful on our ‘Special Collections’ site is perfect for you.

Themen-Collection ChristentumOr let us transport you into another world and time with our extraordinary themed collections, including Christianity and Mythology. Inspired by the Celtic culture, Ancient Empires, mystical Atlantis, and the grandeur of the Russian Tsars – these beautiful rings, bracelets and necklaces from times long ago will enchant you.

Perfect design: Brand name watches

Our stylish and elegantly designed brand name watches are of the highest quality and perfect functionality. In our Windsor Mint® Shop you will find fascinating automatic watches, chronographs, digital watches, quartz watches and pocket watches – all original brands, some in exclusive limited editions.


Jewellery and watches from Windsor Mint® offer both, special prices and excellent quality

Bei den Schmuckstücken und Uhren von Goldkontor stimmen Qualität und PreisAll our Windsor Mint® products are masterfully crafted with exquisite materials, such as SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, ensuring that you have years of enjoyment from your ring, your necklace, your bracelet or your watch. At the same time you get to enjoy an outstanding price-performance ratio. Some of our jewellery and watches come in a beautiful free case or presentation box and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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