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Terms and Conditions

Windsor Mint®,
a brand name of HMK V AG
Leubernstrasse 6
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen

Telephone: 01905 330990
Fax: 01905 23171

Board of Directors: Joachim Wende
Commercial Register of the Canton Thurgau
Company No.: CHE-357.873.257
VAT: CHE-357.873.257


1 Scope

These General Terms will be applicable and govern the relationship between You and Us for orders of products and their delivery.

2 Conclusion of Contract

A purchase contract is concluded with our acceptance of your order by delivering the product or by notification of the delivery, or with our confirmation of your order within 7 days. The presentation of our products in the online shop and our promotional material do not constitute a legally binding offer but they are meant to be an invitation to order. Windsor Mint® is a brand name of HMK V AG. Your contractual partner is HMK V AG, Leubernstrasse 6, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen, Board of Directors: Joachim Wende, Commercial Register of the Canton Thurgau, Company No.: CHE-357.873.257. Your orders are recorded after the conclusion of the contract. If you happen to misplace or loose the details of your order, please contact us. We would send you a copy of the details of your orders.

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for your queries:

Windsor Mint® Customer Service Centre, 11 Lowesmoor Wharf, Worcester WR1 2RS
Telephone: 01905 330990, Fax: 01905 23171
01905 886220   Monday - Friday 8am - 11pm, Weekends 8am - 6pm

3 Collector Service

If you order an article including Collector Service, it means that you receive further issues of this series automatically (mostly in monthly intervals) for your approval (sale on approval), i.e. you can return the delivered article within 6 days after the receipt without mentioning reasons. The purchase contract for these edition deliveries becomes effective after the receipt of your approval but latest after the expiry of the approval deadline of 6 days. Your approval is considered to be valid if you neither send us a written message nor return us the delivered product within this period. Furthermore, the customers are entitled to the unrestricted right of withdrawal as stated under the Section 4 below, so that they always have at least a period of 27 days for their final decision. We reserve the right, starting with the first delivery, to send your first article from the edition – thus you save the forwarding costs. You can check every collection piece peacefully at length. You collect as long as you like to. If you choose to spare the benefits of our Collector Service, you can suspend it or cancel it altogether any time with a short notice.

4 Right of Cancellation for Customers

Customers enjoy a right of cancellation according to the following provision whereby a customer is every natural person who concludes a legal deal for purposes which cannot be ascribed predominantly to his commercial nor professional freelance activity.

Instructions for Cancellation

Right of Cancellation

You have the right to cancel this contract within 21 days without giving reasons.

The cancellation period is 21 days beginning from the day

  • on tthat you have, or a third party named by you who is not the carrier has taken the products in possession; if you have ordered a product or more products within the framework of a common order and the product is or the products are delivered together;
  • on that you have, or a third party named by you who is not the carrier has taken the last product in possession, if you have ordered more products within the framework of a common order and the products are delivered separately;
  • on that you have, or a third party named by you who is not the carrier has taken the last partial delivery or the last item in possession, if you have ordered a product delivered in more than one partial deliveries or items.

If more than one alternatives available come into question, then the period of cancellation begins when you have or a third party named by you who is not the carrier has taken the last product or the last partial delivery or the last item in possession. To exercise your right of cancellation, you have to inform us in writing e.g. letter via post, fax or email to Windsor Mint®, Customer Service Centre, 11 Lowesmoor Wharf, Worcester WR1 2RS, Telephone: 01905 330990, Fax: 01905 23171, Email:; (summonable address: HMK V AG, represented by the Board of Directors: Joachim Wende, Leubernstrasse 6, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen), stating clearly that you have decided to cancel this contract).You can use for this purpose the sample cancellation form attached, however, it is not mandatory. To comply with the prescribed period for cancellation, it suffices if you inform us in writing about your decision within this period.

Consequences of Cancellation

If you cancel the contract, we will refund you all payments we have received from you including forwarding charges (with the exception of the additional costs incurred due to your choice of delivery that deviates from our low-priced, standard delivery) without delay and latest within 14 days counting from the day on which we have received your cancellation of this contract. We refund you with the same mode of payment that you had used while paying for the original transaction, unless some other specific settlement was made with you. In any case, no fees for this refund will be charged.
We can withhold the refund until we receive the products from you or until you produce the evidence that you have sent back the products, whichever is earlier. You have to return the products without delay and by all means latest within 14 days counting from the day on which you have informed us (namely Windsor Mint®, Customer Service Centre, 11 Lowesmoor Wharf, Worcester WR1 2RS) of the cancellation of the contract. You have to send or hand over the products to us at your cost. The cancellation period is maintained as long as you send the products before the deadline of 14 days. You have to compensate for any depreciation of the products only if this depreciation is to be ascribed to your handling of the product that may not be necessary for the verification of the condition, qualities and functioning of the products.

The right of cancellation expires prematurely in the case of contracts for the delivery of products which are not pre-fabricated and for their production the individual selection or the instructions of the customer have been decisive, or which are custom-made to suit the personal needs of the customer, or which contain objects or material whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market (e.g. precious metals) that are not under our control and could occur within the cancellation period.

5 Prices, Forwarding Charges

All prices stated in our promotion material and the product pages include the mandatory VAT and other charges. In addition, we charge a forwarding lump sum for deliveries within Italy as stated respectively (for orders through our online shop, Order information: Forwarding charges).

6 Delivery

Our products are checked and packed carefully before the dispatch. Delivery period is up to 7 days after the receipt of the order. We indicate deviating delivery period, if any, in the promotion material and the respective product pages. Delivery is possible only to the customers in Great Britain. We deliver by the postal services as a rule. The dispatch may also be made from Switzerland due to organisational reasons. By submitting the order form, you give the authority to us or to the logistics service provider authorised by us to give also all declarations necessary for import from Switzerland in your name and your invoice, and for handling the customs clearance, in particular, all certificates and documents required in this context. This service is cost-free for you. We take care of all customs duties, taxes and fees necessary for the import and relieve you insofar from all obligations. Insofar as the value of the products exceed the value limits according to Article 27 Zollbefreiung VO (EWG) or the value limits of §§ 1 and 1a EUStBV, we reserve the right to deal with the customs or the finance authorities on our own behalf and on our own account, however, without any additional costs for you. The obligation on our part to deliver the product lapses if the ordered product is not available due to reasons not foreseeable at the conclusion of the contract, if we ourselves were not supplied properly and punctually despite proper and congruent hedging transaction, and if we are not responsible for the lacking availability and we have informed you about it without delay. In case, we send you an article comparable to the quality and price as substitute, in an exceptional case, you are naturally not obliged to accept it and you could simply return it free of charge.

7 Payment

The easiest way to pay for products displayed on our website or in our promotional material is by Visa/Mastercard or Paypal. Alternatively you can also pay by cheque or a postal order. After placing your order we will send an invoice over the next few days. Please return with your payment to release your order. Unless otherwise agreed upon, invoices shall be due and payable 10 days after the date of invoice.

For more information please visit: Payment Methods

8 Warrantee

Statutory warrantee rights exist for all articles offered by us.

9 Reservation of Ownership

The product remains our property till full payment.

10 Online dispute resolution

On 15 February 2016 the European Commission opens a platform that allows consumers and traders to settle their online disputes at a mouseclick. It will allow consumers to settle disputes when buying online without involving a court. This alternative dispute resolution platform is available via the following link:  In this context, we are legally obliged to advise you our email address, which is: We endeavour to amicably resolve any disagreements arising from our contract with the customer. Furthermore, we are not obliged to participate in any arbitration proceedings, nor can we offer our customers the option of doing so.

11 Closing Provisions

The contract is concluded exclusively in English. The legal relationship between the customer and the HMK V AG shall be governed by German law excluding the conflict of law rules of the international civil law as well as UN sale of goods law (CISG). For consumers, this choice of law applies only to the extent that the protection granted by the mandatory provisions of thelaw of the country of the consumer's usual residence is not deprived (favourability principle). Insofar as the customer is a businessman, Aschaffenburg (Germany) shall be the solely place of jurisdiction for all claims from and in association with the agreement concluded with the customer.

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Dated:  01/02/2017