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'Beautiful Places of the UK' Complete Set

  • Celebrating 24 of the most beautiful places in the UK
  • Impressive architecture and fantastic landscapes
  • Strictly limited to only 5,000 sets worldwide
  • Available

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Our beautiful country captivates with a spectacular mix of stunning architecture steeped in... more
'Beautiful Places of the UK' Complete Set

Our beautiful country captivates with a spectacular mix of stunning architecture steeped in history and breathtaking natural scenery. Many of our top attractions are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The UK has magnificent cathedrals, castles, palaces and bridges, as well as mystical and mysterious places such as Stonehenge and Loch Ness. You can walk along the impressive Hadrian's Wall that was built by the Roman army, or wander through the enchanting, medieval town of Stratford-upon-Avon, the famous birthplace of Shakespeare.

Equally impressive is the natural landscape of our beautiful country. The Scottish Highlands are known for their stunning scenery and are one of the most parsely inhabited areas of Europe. The Giant's Causeway along Northern eland's coastline is a geological wonder, with its striking interlocking basalt lumns. The Devil's Bridge Falls, a 300 ft high waterfall in the heart of ales, is just as spectacular. As are the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, that are made from chalk formed from the skeletal remains of green algae from millions of years ago. The UK is full of amazing places with beautiful natural features and historicalarchitecture.

We have captured this beauty for you, with a stunning gold-layered complete set, celebrating the 'Beautiful Places of the UK'!

Celebrating 24 of the most beautiful places in the UK:
Blenheim Palace
Caernarfon Castle
Canterbury Cathedral
Coventry Cathedral
Devil's Bridge
Durham Cathedral
The Eden Project
Edinburgh Castle
The Forth Bridge
Giant's Causeway
Hadrian's Wall
Hampton Court Palace
Highclere Castle
The Iron Bridge
The Jurassic Coast
Loch Ness
Palace of Westminster
Royal Albert Hall
Snowdonia National Park
Tower of London
Westminster Abbey
White Cliffs of Dover

Limitation: 5,000 complete collections
Weight: 14,6 g
Material (details): Copper, gold-layered with colour pad print
First issued: 2021
Diameter: 33 mm
Obverse: Complete set
Reverse: Beautiful Places UK
Quality: Proof

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