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'World's Greatest Composers' Complete Set

  • The greatest musical genius of all time
  • 24 exclusive special editions in honour of the greatest composers in the world
  • Strictly limited to only 999 complete editions worldwide
  • Available

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Every age creates its own music - a music that transcends borders, time and space. Just like the... more
'World's Greatest Composers' Complete Set

Every age creates its own music - a music that transcends borders, time and space. Just like the works of the great European composers such as Beethoven, Verdi, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Debussy or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. All of these musical geniuses created immortal masterpieces of pure beauty! Every single one of these composers shaped the music world and was a genius of his era.

Just like Johann Sebastian Bach, who wrote more than a thousand works throughout his life. Or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who started playing the piano at the age of three and gave his first public concert atthe age of five. Or - hard to believe - like Beethoven, who was already completely deaf when he composed today's European anthem with the "Ode to Joy".

We have created an immortal memorialin honor of the 24&nsbp;greatest European composers of all time: 24&nsbp;strikes combined in a unique complete set - refined with the finest gold! These collector's items are presented in a luxuriouscoin cassette, of course with a certificate of authenticity and a personal certificate of ownership.

24&nsbp;exclusive special editions in honor of the greatest composers in the world:
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven
Georges Bizet
Johannes Brahms
Frédéric Chopin
Claude Debussy
George Frideric Handel
Joseph Haydn
Franz Liszt
Gustav Mahler
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Maurice Ravel
Franz Schubert
Clara Schumann
Robert Schumann
Bedrich Smetana
Johann Strauss
Richard Strauss
Igor Stravinsky
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Giuseppe Verdi
Antonio Vivaldi
Richard Wagner

Limitation: 999 complete collections
Weight: 14.6 g
Material (details): Copper, gold-layered with color tableau
First issued: 2020
Diameter: 33 mm
Obverse: Complete set
Reverse: Globe
Quality: Uncirculated

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