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Three genuine historical 'Victoria' Gold Sovereigns

  • Commemorating the reign of Queen Victoria
  • Genuine antique coins, minted in solid gold
  • Minted from 1838 until 1901 by the Royal Mint
  • Available

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Queen Victoria was born on the 24th of May 1819, the daughter of the Duke of Kent and 5th in... more
Three genuine historical 'Victoria' Gold Sovereigns

Queen Victoria was born on the 24th of May 1819, the daughter of the Duke of Kent and 5th in succession to the throne. She inherited the throne at the age of 18 in 1837 after the death of her uncleWilliam IV, and her coronation was a year later in 1838. She married her first cousin Prince Albert in 1840, and when he died in 1861 she withdrew from public and wore black for the rest of her life.Victoria established strong links with Europe's royal families by marrying her 9 children and 26 of her grandchildren to the royal and noble houses of Europe, earning her the nickname 'the Grandmother of Europe'.

The 'Victoria' gold sovereign symbolises an era of unprecedented British success and the height of the British Empire, an area so vast that the sun was said never to set on it.

Earlier this year the price of gold dipped, resulting in a surge in demand for gold coins, as savvy investors, and collectors, taking advantage of lower prices, snapped up gold coins as an affordable means of investment. Beautifully crafted and highly collectible the gold sovereign is recognised as one of the most advantageous ways to invest in gold all over the world. Collectors will envy you for this unique rarity, minted in solid gold: - 'Victoria Young Head' Half Sovereign - 'Victoria Jubilee Head' Half Sovereign - 'Victoria Old Head' Half Sovereign
Limitation: 999 pieces
Weight: 3x 3,99 g
Material (details): Gold (917/1,000)
First issued: 1838 - 1901
Country: Great Britain
Diameter: 3x 19 mm
Face Value: 3x 1/2 Sovereign
Quality: Very fine - extremely fine

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