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The 'African Pride' Complete Gold Coin Set

  • 13 official gold coins from 13 African countries
  • Plus an original collection emblem strike
  • Minted in solid gold (999/1,000)
  • Available

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Africa: The breathtaking nature of this enormous continent is a rich habitat for countless... more
The 'African Pride' Complete Gold Coin Set

Africa: The breathtaking nature of this enormous continent is a rich habitat for countless species of animals and plants. Here we can find the fastest animals in the world, exotic rare birds, and true survival artists. The African National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries protect the diverse wildlife and natural beauty of this stunning continent - the pride of Africa.

Lavish mangroves,wide deserts, savannah plains and the lush greenery of dense rainforests - the beauty and diversity of Africa is immeasurable. Twelve African countries, including for the first time Somalia and Guinea, celebrate the rich variety of wildlife of their continent, with a stunning collection of thirteen gold coins in the internationally successful half gram format.

Each coin in this most comprehensive African gold coin edition, features a typical African animal in the setting of their famous National Park. It is rightly considered the perfect homage to the diverse variety of species and the natural beauty of Africa. Experts agree: the 'African Pride' coin set of thirteen gold coins and the limited collection emblem strike commemorates the rich diversity of African wildlife in the mostbeautiful way!

Secretary Bird
Face value: 250 Francs CFA
Issuing country: Senegal

Face value: 200 Dalasis
Issuing country: The Gambia

Papilio Menestheus
Face value: 1,000 Francs GNF
Issuing country: Republic of Guinea

Face value: 100 Francs CFA
Issuing country: Ivory Coast

Face value: 100 Francs CFA
Issuing country: Mali

Face value: 100 Francs CFA
Issuing country: Republic of Niger

Wild Dog
Face value: 3,000 Francs CFA
Issuing country: Chad

Face value: 1,000 Francs CFA
Issuing country: Gabonese Republic

Grey Parrot
Face value: 100 Francs CFA
Issuing country: Republic of theCongo

Eland Antelope
Face value: 10 Francs FRW
Issuing country: Rwanda

Bateleur Eagle
Face value: 50 Franc
Issuing country: Republic ofBurundi

Face value: 1,500 Shillings
Issuing country: Tanzania

Yellow Baboon
Face value:20 Shillings
Issuing country: Somalia

African Pride
Year: 2019
Quality: ST
Metal: layered with silver and gold
Diameter: 36 mm

Limitation: 2500 pieces
Weight: 13 x 0.5 g / 1x 15g
Material (details): 13x .999 fine gold / 1x copper/nickel-silver with gold-color-application
First issued: 2019
Issue country: African states
Diameter: 13 x 11 mm / 1x 36 mm
Face value: Various
Quality: Various

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