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Surprise Box 2014

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Everyone loves surprises and for our enthusiastic collectors we have gathered together a rather... more
Surprise Box 2014
Everyone loves surprises and for our enthusiastic collectors we have gathered together a rather special secret selection of limited-edition collectibles and created a Mystery Box! Each box is filled with an assortment from our exclusive collectibles range - including one-of-a-kind samples, items from now discontinued limited-edition collections, and some best-sellers where we simply do not have enough stock to offer them on general sale. Whilst we can’t reveal the contents, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, we can guarantee that you will receive at least 10 items, that they are all brand new, first quality and that their combined sales value will be at least £250. Whatever your collecting hobby - be it medals, military memorabilia, miniatures or coin collecting, there is sure to be something the in the box to delight, and it could also be a great source for gifts. Don’t miss this opportunity to surprise yourself or a loved one with this selection of hard-to find treasures at a fabulous price, and who knows the surprise contents may fuel a passion for a completely new collection. Intro: The content might be a mystery - but you're guaranteed to receive a selection of our most sought-after collectibles with a sales value at least 5 times more than the price you pay.

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