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'Sailing ships' Complete Set

  • Strictly limited to only1,999 sets worldwide
  • Highest minting quality 'PROOF'
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Most Famous Ships of the World Before the invention of aircraft, nothing developed humanity... more
'Sailing ships' Complete Set

Most Famous Ships of the World
Before the invention of aircraft, nothing developed humanity quite as much as seafaring: with the help of sailing ships, brave sailors explored new sea routes, discovered new continents and developed trade links with the whole world. As early as in the 10th century Arabs, Japanese and Chinese set off on their first discovery expeditions. Historians claim to have found evidence that Romans sailed across the Atlantic and set foot on the American continent, long before Columbus. The early days of navigation also changed the view of the world: sailorsdelivered proof, that the earth is not flat!

This significant set, featuring the greatest sailing ships in history, has been preciously layered with 24-carat gold and is a unique tribute tothe 24 most famous ships of all time.

The World's Greatest Sailing Ships
Alexander V. Humboldt II.
Juan Sebastián de Elcano
Stad Amsterdam
USS Constitution
Dar Mlodziezy
Cisne Branco
SV Tenacious
STS Nadezhda
Star of India
Fryderyk Chopin
ARA Libertad
ORP Iskra
Christian Radich
Shabab Oman
Statsraad Lehmkuhl
Kaiwo Maru
NRP Sagres

Limitation: 1.999 complete editions
Weight: 14,6 g
Material: Copper, gold-layered with padprint
First Issued: 2021
Size: 33 mm
Obverse: Complete Set
Reverse: Segelschiffe
Quality: Proof

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