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Official 5 Euro coin 'Blue Planet Earth'

  • Official coin for 2016, issued by the German State Mint
  • Rare and exciting, world first minting technology
  • Own a numismatic world sensation in an elegant display frame
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For the first time ever in numismatic history, a state mint has incorporated a brand new... more
Official 5 Euro coin 'Blue Planet Earth'

For the first time ever in numismatic history, a state mint has incorporated a brand new material in the minting of coins: translucent polymer.

This sensational coin is not only the first5 Euro commemorative coin the German State Mint has ever issued, but is also the first coin in history to feature a brand new unique effect - a millimeter fine blue transparent ring, made of polymer, on a bi-metal coin surface. This innovative technology makes these the first coins to keep up with banknotes in terms of counterfeit prevention. This beautiful blue shimmering ring symbolises the atmosphere around our planet, and impressively depicts the theme 'Blue Planet Earth'. The blue polymer ring separates planet Earth at the centre, from all the other planets in our solar system on the outer ring. The unique official 3-component coin is an absolute first n the world of numismatics. 10 years of research went into the development of this coin.

Despite the strict limitation of this issue, Windsor Mint has managed to secure a number of these coins, beautifully presented in a wooden frame, for our British collectors. A perfect gift for a coin collector - or indeed for yourself. Own a world first that numismatists will envy you for. Reserve yours now - orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, as only a small number is available.

Limitation: strictly limited
Weight: 9 g
Material (details): Copper / Nickel / Polymer
First issued: 2016
Diameter: 27,25 mm
Face value: 5 Euro in Frame
Quality: Uncirculated

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