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'Nefertiti' Supersize Commemorative Strike

  • With detailed symbols of Ancient Egyptian mythology
  • Hand-set with a genuine jasper gemstone
  • A precious commemorative of Ancient Egypt
  • Available

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3280 years after the end of the legendary Egyptian Queen Nefertiti's reign, this stunning XXL... more
'Nefertiti' Supersize Commemorative Strike
3280 years after the end of the legendary Egyptian Queen Nefertiti's reign, this stunning XXL strike commemorates her famous painted limestone bust, discovered on the 6th of December 1912 by the German Oriental Company, led by archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt. In his diary, he remarked: 'Suddenly we had in our hands the most alive Egyptian artwork. You cannot describe it with words. You must seeit.' The beautiful bust of Nefertiti was discovered in the sculptor Thutmose's workshop, and believed to have been crafted around 1345 BC. It has since become an international icon of feminine beautyand power. Nefertiti, meaning 'the beautiful one has come', reigned for 17 years together with her husband, Pharaoh Akhenaten of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. They ruled during one of the wealthiest periods in Ancient Egyptian history, during the 1300s B.C. When Akhenaten died, traces of the beautiful queen disappear in the obscurities of history. No-one knows exactly what happened to her.Only her elegant bust remains, witnessing her beauty over the centuries, one of the most copied works of Ancient Egypt and listed as one of Time Magazine's 'Top 10 Plundered Artifacts'.
Limitation: 9,999 complete editions
Weight: 110 g
Material (details): Copper gold-plated with jasper
First Issued: 2015
Size: 70 mm
Obverse: Neferneferuaten Nefertiti
Reverse: Mysterious Ancient Egypt
Quality: Proof

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