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'Millionaire Collection' Commemorative Strike Set

  • The most expensive coins in history in a new minted replica set
  • Layered with pure gold and silver (999/1,000)
  • 12 restrikes in true detail, based on its famous original
  • Available

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Collecting coins is a very popular hobby in Britain and all over the world. Many famously rich... more
'Millionaire Collection' Commemorative Strike Set

Collecting coins is a very popular hobby in Britain and all over the world. Many famously rich men and kings are amongst the world's coin collectors, but the 12 original coins, commemorated in thisfascinating complete collection of precious museums-quality replica, are out of reach for even those collectors.

Most of the original coins are only accessible in museums and the few collectors who own one of these coins privately, are multi-millionaires.

Windsor Mint is proud to now be able to offer a limited number of complete sets of these beautiful restrikes, preciously layered with pure silver or gold, to our most loyal collectors. Each of the originals has a fascinating story to tell and has been recreated in true detail, based on its famous original.

The set contains:
Replica Single 9 Pond 1898 South Africa's rarest gold coin
Replica Gold Double Eagle 1933, the world's most expensive gold coin auctioned
ReplicaLiberty Head Double Eagle 1861, representing the earliest year with mintages approaching 4 Million
Replica Silver Drape Bust Replica 1804, the first silver dollar struck by the US Mint
Replica 1792 Half Disme, the first US silver coin with a 5 cent face value
Replica Liberty Nickel 1913, one of the most famous US coin rarities due to its small mintage
Replica 1 Dollar 1911, The world's rarest coin with only two known existing specimen
Silver Flowing Hair Dollar 1794, the first ever dollar issued by the US government
Replica 100 Escudos 1609, the biggest gold coin in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century
Replica Brasher EB Replica 1787, one of the most famous American coin issues - only five originals are known to exist
Replica 100 Gold Ducats 1621, the most expensive Polish coin ever minted
Replica Umayyad Dinar, the first true islamic coin, purely religious in character

Limitation: 9,999 complete collections
Weight: 32 g
Material (details): Copper, gold- and silver-plated
First issued: 2016
Diameter: 40 mm
Obverse: Complete set
Reverse: Replicas
Quality: Proof

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