'HMS Victory' Commemorative Strike Set

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  • For the 250th Anniversary of the legendary HMS Victory
  • Limited to only 1,765 sets worldwide
  • Over 250 years in Her Majesty's service

Item desciption
Construction of the HMS Victory began on the 23rd of July 1759, as the keel was laid in the old single dock in Chatham’s Royal Dockyard. The impressive three master finally launched on the 7th of May 1765. At nearly 230 ft in length, HMS Victory was truly was the pride of the Royal Navy, and became the most famous British ship of all time. On the 21st of October 1805, Nelson led the British fleet with his flagship HMS Victory, in the legendary sea battle at the Spanish Cape Trafalgar, against the French opponents and their Spanish allies. The battle ended with victory for the British and a disastrous defeat for the French and Spanish fleets. Napoleon’s plans to conquer India were finally
doomed to fail. The HMS Victory is the only battleship to have fought in the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic War! The HMS Victory is still loyally serving Her Majesty – as thef lagship of the First Sea Lord and a museum to the Georgian Navy.
Limitation 1765 complete collections Metal Cu gold-plated with padprint
Weight 6 x 54 g Size Diameter: 6 x 50 mm
Quality Proof First Issued 2014
Reverse 250 years HMS Victory Obverse HMS Victory

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