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'History of Aviation' Complete Set

  • Commemorating the most important steps in aviation history
  • Minted in highest quality 'PROOF' and preciously layered with pure gold
  • This exclusive set comes complete in a luxury display case
  • Available

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The History of Aviation complete set of 12 commemorative strikes celebrates the most significant... more
'History of Aviation' Complete Set

The History of Aviation complete set of 12 commemorative strikes celebrates the most significant events in aviation history. Each strike in this outstanding set has been minted in the highestquality 'PROOF' and is strictly limited to only 9,999 editions worldwide.

When the Montgolfier brothers courageously launched their hot air balloon in 1783, nobody could have known thatthis was the start of an incredible story of human flight. Over 100 years later, Otto Lilienthal, known as the 'flying man', became the first person to make successful glider flights.

There are many highlights in the fascinating history of aviation - including the Wright brothers, who invented and flew the first airplane, and the first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh, in the Spirit of St. Louis. Along with more recent milestones such as the legendary Concorde, the first supersonic passenger aircraft.

Now, the twelve most important events in this exciting history are combined in one sensational complete set. Preciously layered with 24-carat gold and finished with sought-after colour detailing, this commemorative set will fascinate collectors and aviation enthusiasts alike:
1783 - Montgolfier Brothers - first hot air balloon
1848-1989 - Otto Lilienthal - first human glider flight
1900 - Zepellin Airship LZ1 - first flight over Lake Constance
1903 - Wright Brothers - first airplane flight
1909 - Louis Blériot - first flight across the English Channel
1932 - Junkers JU 52 - 'Iron Annie'
1927 - 'Spirit of St. Louis' - first solo non-stop flight across Atlantic
1938 - Supermarine Spitfire - iconic WWII fighter aircraft
1944 - Messerschmitt ME 163 Komet - first jet plane
1948 - Douglas DC-3/C-47 - 'Berlin candy bomber'
1969 - Concorde 001 - First supersonic flight
1983 - Lockheed F-117 - 'Stealth Fighter'

Limitation: 9,999 complete editions
Weight: 12 x 32 g
Material (details): Copper, gold-layered with pad print
First issued: 2019
Diameter: 40 mm each
Obverse: Complete set
Reverse: History of Aviation
Quality: Proof

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