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'Fascinating wild bees' Complete Set

  • Celebrating our wonderful wild bees
  • Layered with 24-carat gold with beautiful colour detailing
  • Extremely low mintage, only 1,999 editions worldwide
  • Available

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This stunning collection has been minted to celebrate our wonderful wild bees, 24 commemorative... more
'Fascinating wild bees' Complete Set

This stunning collection has been minted to celebrate our wonderful wild bees, 24 commemorative strikes highlight the beauty of these enchanting creatures. Take a journey into the unique world of the wild bees and you'll be amazed at how diverse it is!

Wild bees are an excellent example of the diversity, beauty and peculiarity of nature. There are more than 20,000 species of wild bees in the world, with around 270 species documented in Britain. Wild bees cannot be valued highly enough. Just like the honey bees, wild bees are of vital importance as pollinators of trees,flowers and plants. These magnificent creatures help to make our countryside beautiful, as they pollinate around 80% of wildflowers in Europe.

Each stunning strike in this complete set hasbeen minted in high quality 'Brilliant Uncirculated', preciously layered with 24-carat gold and finished with beautiful colour detailing. Celebrate our fascinating wild bees and help to preserve them:for every set sold, approx. £10 will be donated to the preservation of our nature and fauna - with every mintage, you help to protect our wonderful wildlife!

Our wonderful wild bees as a24-part complete set:
Black masked bee
Brown-footed leafcutter bee
Buff-tailed bumblebee
Common green furrow bee
Dwarf resin bee
European orchard bee
European wool carder bee
False margined blood bee
Fork-jawed nomad bee
Gold-fringed mason bee
Great banded furrow-bee
Hairy-footed flower bee
Heather mining bee
Ivy bee
Long-horned bee
Pantaloon bee
Rampion scissor bee
Red-tailed bumblebee
Rophites algirus
Short sharp-tail bee
Small shaggy bee
Solitary bee
Tawny mining bee
Violet carpenter bee

Limitation: 1,999 complete collections
Weight: 24 x 14.6 g
Material: Copper, gold-layered with colour pad print
First issued: 2021
Diameter: 33 mm each
Obverse: Complete set
Reverse: Wild bees
Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

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