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'Coins of the United Kingdom - Predecimalisation' Coin Set

  • Nine historic originals from predecimal times
  • Incudes a special restrike of Britain's most valuable gold coin in solid gold
  • The coins of our youth
  • Available

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Steeped in tradition, Great Britain has always been a ountry that knows its own mind. Prior to... more
'Coins of the United Kingdom - Predecimalisation' Coin Set

Steeped in tradition, Great Britain has always been a ountry that knows its own mind. Prior to decimalisation in 971 our currency was unique in the world, yet today, he old coinage of which we wereso fond has almost disappeared from our memories. Before our coins were decimalised on 1971, we were indeed able to find coins in our wallets that were dated back to the 19th century - especially theHalf Penny and Penny coins.

In the years just before decimalisation, the circulating British coins were the half crown (2/6, withdrawn 1 January 1970), two shillings or florin (2/-), shilling (1/-), sixpence (6d), threepence (3d), penny (1d) and halfpenny (1/2d). The farthing (1/4d) had been withdrawn in 1960. There was also the Crown (5/-), which was, and still is legal tender, worth 25p, but normally did not circulate.

The collection includes for example a One Crown Elizabeth II, featuring the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the world's longest and oldest reigning monarch. Or the Farthing - one of Britain's oldest coins, minted and issued for over 700 years from as early as the 13th century and made up of a quarter of a penny.

Original Crown Elizabeth II
28.28 g - Copper/Nickel
diameter 38.61 mm

Original Penny 1954 - 1967
9.45 g
diameter 30.8 mm

Six Pence 1954 - 1970
2.83 g
diameter 19 mm

Half Crown 1954 - 1970
14.14 g
diameter 32.3 mm

Three Pence 1937 - 1948
6.8 g
diameter 21.8 mm

Half Penny 1954 - 1967
5.67 g
diameter 25.4 mm

Two Schilling 1947 - 1951
11.31 g
diameter 28.5 mm

Shilling 1954 - 1970
5.66 g
diameter 23.5 mm

Farthing 1911 - 1936
2.83 g
diameter 20 mm

Limitation: various 9,999 pieces
Weight: various 0.5 g
Material (details): various and gold (585/1,000)
First issued: 1911-1970 2011
Country: United Kingdom Medal
Diameter: various
Issue country: United Kingdom
Face value: from 1/4d to 1 Crown Medal
Quality: various

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