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'Battle of Britain' Commemorative Strike

  • Masterfully engraved tribute to our nation's finest hour
  • Marking the 75th anniversary of the second world war in 2014
  • Exquisite colour detailing
  • Available

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Prime Minster Winston Churchill announced in 1940: "... the Battle of France is over. I expect... more
'Battle of Britain' Commemorative Strike

Prime Minster Winston Churchill announced in 1940: "... the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin".

The Battle of Britain, the largest and most sustained aerial bombing of our country, was the first major campaign to be fought entirely by air forces. From July 1940 shipping centres such as Portsmouth were the first targets, a month later the German Luftwaffe attacked RAF Airfields and infrastructure and also launched heavy attacks on factories and areas of political significance, known as 'The Blitz'. But the Germans underestimated the British spirit - after heavy losses of their aircrafts Germany failed to destroy Britain's air defense or to force Britain into an armistice. The Battle of Britain is considered Germany'sfirst major defeat and a crucial turning point in the Second World War.

Limitation: 9,999 complete collections
Weight: 32 g
Material (details): Copper gold-layered with padprint
First issued: 2014
Diameter: 40 mm
Obverse: Battle of Britain
Reverse: 75th anniversary of the Second World War
Quality: Proof

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